Uttalanden från kunder

Uttalande från svenska kunder om satellitsajter

Jim har gjort en satellitsajt åt oss för att öka trafiken till vår hemsida. Vi är väldigt nöjda med resultatet och kommer att anlita Jim även i fortsättningen.
John Norén
NutraVendo AB
24 november 2011

Uttalande från svenska kunder om min genomgång och rapport

Hej Jim
Tack för en jättebra rapport. Din rapport innehöll en bra analys som gav mig svar på de frågor jag hade kring min sida. Efter att ha jobbat med dina förslag har jag klättrat rejält på mitt valda sökord och antalet besökare har ökat avsevärt.

Jag är väldigt nöjd och kan lätt rekommendera din expertgenomgång med rekommendationer.

Richard, Butik21.com
10 juni 2010

Tack för en välskriven rapport med bra innehåll och för ditt engagemang. Jag rekommenderar alla att använda din tjänst.

Göran Lindholm, VD Biddler AB
12 maj 2010

Hej Jim!

Det har dröjt lite men nu har jag gått igenom din rapport. Tack så jättemycket. Verkligen välstrukturerad och matnyttig och en hel del för oss att ta tag i uppenbarligen.

Annika Hanéll
NE.se / Nationalencyklopedin AB
16 april 2010

Vi anlitade Jim Westergren för att få hjälp med att öka den organiska söktrafiken till vår webbplats.

Jim gjorde en djup analys och presenterade en rapport med många rekommendationer. Rapporten inkluderade även många konkreta exempel angående modifiering på vår webbplats struktur. Ett par månader senare efter att ha implementerat rekommendationerna så har rankningen drastiskt ökat i Google för många av våra viktigaste sökord.

Erik Malm, Teknikchef Veterinaren.nu
26 mars 2010

Tack för rapporten, det var en väldig djup analys. Grymt nyttig och låser upp flera dörrar som man normalt inte hade en aning om. Det kändes bra från första början och kommunikationen med dig var hur bra som helst. Jag lär rekommendera dig för andra framöver. Tack för allt.

Studentexperten SWE
4 juni 2010

[...] Jag gillade rapportens omfattning och detaljrikedom. [...]

7 oktober 2010

Tack för den utmärkta rapporten/genomgången om vår sites optimeringsstatus.

Att den är webbaserad innebär ju förutom att man når den från vilken dator som helst, när som helst att extra upplysningar, stickspår, fördjupningar etc lätt nås utan att man storknar av en vanligt skriven fullständig rapport där allt man har svårt att se träden för skogen.

Thomas Neppare, Cognosis AB
20 april 2010


Tack för bra rapport och väl genomfört arbete, det var helt klart en del intressanta saker att ta tag i.

Återkommer ev. med några frågor inom kort.

Mikael Andersson, VD Kokaihop AB
28 maj 2010

Uttalande från kunder inom fulla tjänster

Thanks Jim,
After doing a great job on the first site I asked you to do, you did an even better job on my real estate site. The site had only been finished for one week and you had started your magic the week before and we already sold one apartment, at the time of writing this we have now sold six! The buyers of the apartments found us through google which can only be attributed to your service working so quickly.

Dave Hoskings, Real Estate Agent
June 21, 2007

Jim, at SEO Fusion, has played an integral part in the success and increased rankings for my website http://www.DecideHealth.com.

These rankings have also come with increased sales, which is the most important reason to rise in the search engines.

I have used his SEO service for review of my site and continually use the link building services that he offers. In all cases that I have worked with Jim, he has acted with integrity and honesty. His work is thorough and sound, and as I have mentioned the results speak for themselves.

I will continue to use Jim and SEO Fusion for my future link building and SEO needs, and I will gladly refer him to my closest associates, because I know they will be treated as well as I have.

Steve Gray, DecideHealth.com

April 30th, 2006

Uttalande från kunder inom länkbygge

Hi Jim, This is just a quick thank you email. Thanks again for completing my articles and you have also managed to get good PR's on the article pages. I am now NO.1 on Google for the term "memory cards" which is a very competitive term and my sales have increased by around 200%. I am also ranking well for most of the other terms in the articles. [...]

Tim Thurlow
February 13, 2007

Kudos Jim, for the outstanding job you did on my “Smart Link Building” campaign. You performed exactly as promised, creating unique, themed pages on various sites of yours. That alone would have been a good value, but then when I saw the PageRank for several of these pages exceed your stated target, I was quite pleased. I’m grateful to have someone that understands SEO as well as you, helping with link building.

Gary Stuart
January 31, 2007

"I looked it over and I think it’s fantastic. I really like everything you have put together. Since I am an SEO professional myself, the price is a bit high for me to outsource that to you though. But anyone outside of the seo industry, I think it is excellent! If I wasn’t working with another company, I would recommend everyone to you."

Jim Keough
SEO Professional
June 19, 2006

I would personally like to thank SEO Fusion for the prompt and professional service we have received. We have hundreds of inbound links to our website which will help us a great deal. Five star service with a great price!

Many Thanks

Mark Bowering
For and behalf of: www.monstersupplements.com


I use the services at www.SEO-Fusion.com for site submitions and I am very pleased with the hard work Peter and his team do. Peter is extremely helpfull and his close attention to customer support is top notch. Thanks guys and keep up the hard work!

Michael Wilson

Search Engine Optimization Expert.
SEO Internet Marketing INC.
SEOExpert: Founder of Google SEO group.


SEO-Fusion gave us literally hundreds of great links. Thanks for this time-saving service!

James Dueck


Jim and Peter-

You guys have done an excellent job in directory submission for my site! I’ve had hundreds of approvals and maybe two that were denied. There are still pending submissions but based on the first round of approvals, I’ll have well over 600 or 700 directory backlinks upon completion. I will do business with you in the future!



We really wanted to travel up the search engines for keywords like "sell my house fast" and "quick house sale" and these guys have helped to catapult us upwards. Great value and a very professional service to boot!
Kenny Goodman, Managing Director Houses For Cash Limited
October 15, 2007

"Your service is an extremely efficient way to get quality, manual directory submissions, freeing up my staff to handle other overdue projects. Thanks for the great work."

David Leonhardt
Owner, The Happy Guy Marketing
October 05, 2007

Peter & Jim,
You guys are great! Thanks so much for the timely submission to all of the free link directories. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have that extra time to accomplish other aspects needed to run my business. The amount of time you saved me was well worth the money spent! I have used SEO-Fusion.com in the past, & will definitely use them for all of my future needs.

Thanks again Jim & Peter!
Joann Henry
September 11, 2007

Great work!
I used SEO Fusion service for the first time and it really saved me a considerable amount of time. The majority of confirmed listings came over during the first two weeks.. So, I highly appreciate the great work SEO Fusion team done to carefully select the web-directories for manual submission.

Now our web-server is easily searchable by Google and I observe the increase of popularity.

Thanks and go ahead !

Pavel Emeliyanenko
Max-Planck Institute for Informatics
October 03, 2007

Like most of you I initially thought to submit my site manually then realized that I only pay $ 0.30 per submission. The price of this service is incredibly cheap considering the fact that we get hundreds of links. Just checked my Google webmaster account and noticed I had an increase of 300 new links within a week of submission. I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in getting a good number of links to their websites. I am so impressed with this service I am going to purchase this package for 3 more sites I control.


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service delivered by your directory submission package. I got around 110 confirmed listings inside the first week. Of course they are still being confirmed as I write this a month later, we now have 160 plus. There have only been 4 rejections and there will be many more confirmed listings to come due to free directories having longer waiting times! I deal with paid directory submissions myself and it takes ages – so you guy’s have saved me a huge amount of time for a very good price – thanks!

Kind Regards

Ray Burn

Managing Director


Thank you SEO Fusion for such a professional, easy and useful service. You have saved me endless hours of submissions at more than reasonable rates that has given me time to complete other important SEO tasks. Highly recommended

Mark Attwood



Thank you very much, it would have taken me weeks if not months to do the submission you did. I greatly appreciate it. it was worth the money for me not to have to worry about it. Now I can sit back and see if my pr grows and I get more traffic. Thanks again.



Directory submission is a time consuming procedure but thanks to AddURL.nu by SEO Fusion we now have approximately 900 out of the way - for every client. This service enables my staff to spend time on higher level marketing and SEO tasks.

The service we have received is excellent. Thank you for your suggestions, thorough correspondence and answering our questions in a friendly and timely manner.

Christopher Hanna


I run a busy medical practice and have finally gotten around to optimizing my website. I signed up for the free directory submission service offered by Jim Westergren among other services. During a two week period my website was systematically submitted to close to one thousand free website directories, just as promised. Now, I'm looking forward to the other aspects of website enhancement offered by Jim.



Great service. You saved me days of work that enable me to focus on the business instead of finding and applying for these directories. I am looking forward to use your services in the futures with other sites I own.


Sorin Adrian


After being employed for 13 years in corporate america i have decided to branch out on my own and start a web based company. I am a painter/graphic artist. I developed my company from a need for quality layered photoshop backgrounds for graphics professionals. I found you (would have loved to affford to pay you to do my submissions!) I'm half way down your list and it has taken me months to do it myself! Just want you to know your list is awesome!!! My business is prospering and I have you to thank!

Judith Dickinson, owner
digital ellusions



Hi Jim,


I will use your service again!

Michael Bennett


Dear Jim,

I want to thank you for your great directory submissions service. In the past, we did submissions for our sites by hand which is a very labor intensive (and boring) process.

With your service, you have done the research to isolate the directories that are free and non-spammy and you get them all submitted and with 90% plus accepted for an incredibly low cost. This not only saves time but gets lots of one way links.

Thanks for this exceptional and low cost service.

Richard Reich
Executive Vice President


Hi, Jim.
The directories have been coming in. Wonderful, thank you very much. For your information here are some stats after four days:
51 acceptances
46 going to review site first
4 are no gos
of the acceptances which I checked 50% of the sites had a page ranking of 0 and most of the remainder were pr3 or more of the linked pages I checked (about 26) 50% of them had a pr of 0 and the rest were pr 1 or 2.
Very pleased, anyway. Acceptances are still coming in from the reviewers.
Will recommend when asked.
ps and thanks for your personal help - much appreciated.
pps: I was nervous about using a submission service to start with but the personal nature of the service from you, without any pressure, re-assured me and there is no doubt about the honesty of your transactions. Also, these remarks have not been solicited by you in any way. The directories coming in are all geniune, no fakes anywhere.

John Winkler, www.thewinklers.co.uk


Thanks Jim for your work. Your commitment to directory research and submission is impressive! I've been very pleased with your service to date. Because you just completed the hand-submission process I am not able to offer a testimonial as to its effectiveness - so I can only say that I will keep you posted.

Thanks again,
Shawn L. Bushway, www.acustomwindowtreatment.com


Jim is professional and responsible and offers an excellent service!

Rea Nelson, www.videopokerlover.com